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Roll Forming-Bus Bar

Roll Forming Services

Rolite offers high quality, low cost roll forming for your customized parts. As an experienced custom roll former, Rolite can offer advantages others may not. We manufacture precision custom roll formed parts to very close tolerances in almost any shape from a simple angle to complex parts with a multitude of radii and folds. And we can manufacture your roll formed parts in many metal and steel grades. We can hold your 11-guage angle to .005 tolerance. We can offer the economy of multiple in-line operations. Rolite has an array of standard tooling for channels and angles. Plus, our roll-tooling expertise enables us to develop a wide variety of complex cross sections. Light gauge trim and close tolerances are among our ...
Metal Stamping Item

Metal Stamping Services

When it comes to stamping, Rolite has the experience and equipment to meet your custom and standard needs in virtually any metal. Our capabilities include presses ranging from 20 to 450 tons; in-house tool-and-die manufacturing; drawing capabilities to 5"deep; the ability to stamp pre-plated and pre-painted materials; and quality controls to all standards, including SPC. Rolite offers metal stamping for both your low volume custom metal stamped parts and for your high volume standard metal stamping needs. You'll enjoy exceptional value pricing resulting from compound dies or multiple-station dies produced on punch presses or eyelet machines.

We welcome your custom jobs.
Any material, tapped or untapped, plated or ...
Screw-On Wire Connectors

Plastic Molding - Rotary Compression

Rolite offers threaded and unthreaded rotary compression molded plastic parts such as wire nuts and bushings. With seven 22-station compression-molding machines, there is no request we cannot handle.

For nearly a century, the lighting, plumbing and automotive industries have relied on Rolite for the highest quality components. While this site details an extensive selection of in-stock items, we specialize in custom services. In particular, our roll forming and metal stamping expertise can mean a world of difference to your custom needs.

From prototype through full production runs, all work rigidly adheres to the highest quality standards, including SPC. We can even perform complete assembly and secondary operations. At Rolite, we practice a unique "in-house" philosophy. Simply put, we strive to be as accessible and responsive as a facility of your own. In fact, you may find us far more accommodating than an in-house operation. While components are our business, customer service is our passion. So, call us anytime, for anything.

Based in Lancaster, New York (NY) between Buffalo and Rochester, NY. Rolite Manufacturing, Inc. provides metal roll forming services of custom made roll formed parts and metal stamping services for custom made metal stamped parts to manufacturing customers throughout North America and beyond.
Modern Base Spacers Neck 200052

Trophy Parts and Components

Rolite offers trophy parts and components either unfinished or in several different finishes of plating. Some of the items offered include checkrings, necks, cups, and more. Use the link above to see the large variety of Trophy Parts and Components.
Lighting Bases 85345

Lighting Fixtures and Lamp Parts

Rolite offers a wide variety of high quality lighting fixtures and lamp parts such as arm plates, crossbars, finials, hickeys, swivel bars, and more. Use the link above to see the large variety of lamp parts and lighting fixtures.
Cutter Wheels 70045

Cutter Wheels

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